Sarah Kitching

Brilliant! I go for maintenance as I compete in dog agility so do a lot of sprinting and changing direction. Kev keeps my muscles in tip top condition and is very knowledgable,


Mark Gibson

Absolutely brilliant.

Knew within minutes of me being there the cause of my problem.

Great advise and support and explained things well.

100% recommended

Natalie Holmes

Wouldn’t be without Kev. Knows exactly how to put my sacroiliac joint dysfunction right in no time. The relief is unreal – I’ve walked out several times feeling like I’ve got a new back. Puts you at ease and works in a way you’re comfortable with unlike some physios I’ve been to.

Adam Yews

Approximately 8 month ago I went to KBS with tennis and golfers elbow which was making my work life a massive struggle and had been for 6 month, within a month of seeing Kev he had it under control and 8 month on the pain has completely gone, I would highly recommend Kev to anyone. Cheers Kev

Lucy Robson

Was so surprised with how quickly KBS identified the problem with my knees! Was able to do the Great North Run on Sunday thanks to Kevan

Vicki Bingham Musgrove

I went to Kev after knee replacement surgery to massages to break up scar tissue and help mobilise the new joints. Nothing was too much trouble and he has a lovely manner that puts you at ease. Would highly recommend

David Scott

Diagnosed my ITB which had been mis-diagnosed by GP and other Physio. After over a year of suffering this was corrected and feel pain free. Top class service

Andy Noble

I’ve been suffering from lower back pain for the last couple of month so was pointed in the direction of KBS Sports Therapy, I can’t recommend this service enough. Kev knew exactly what was wrong and worked wonders on my back

Gary Bailey (runner)

Cheers for this morning kev, great session. Cracking lad too, could of talked all day. Will be back soon.

Paul Archer (pro boxer)

Had another good session at KBS Sports Therapy this morning before my workout. Helped me a lot for this fight and I’ll definitely be using them more regularly from now on. Quality service and great prices!