Our therapy can be used to treat a wide variety of injuries and problems ranging from a niggle that’s affecting your performance to an injury that’s affecting the quality time you have with your family. Your treatment will be tailored to suit your goals and needs and will be designed to bring these about in the shortest and safest time possible. My aim is to let you do everything you want to in your life.

Your individually tailored treatment package could involve any combination of the following:


Sports Massage

Sports massage has many benefits including: improved circulation and lymphatic flow, removal of metabolic waste, re-modelling of scar tissue and reduction of muscle tension. It can also be used to prepare an athlete prior to competition.


Manual Therapy

It is used to return the soft tissues back to their original condition and to break down incorrectly laid scar tissue so that the affected soft tissue can be correctly repaired and strengthened.


Mobilisations – Peripheral and Spinal

These are passive movements to the joints and spine performed by the sports therapist. They reduce pain in the affected joint as well as returning the joint back to its full range of motion.



This is vital in any treatment as it relieves the pressure around joints and stretches out all the ligaments around the joint, when used with massage it gives not just a temporary but a long-lasting relief.



Acupuncture has 3 uses: pain relief, increasing blood flow to the area and relieving tightness. In any injury acupuncture can be effective; especially in the early stages of any injury.


Postural and Technical Corrections

Any imbalances identified in the examination and assessment will be corrected using a series of exercises including core strengthening and stretching. Strengthening of muscle imbalances and weaknesses will also be given to aid the treatment. We also work alongside a trained podiatrist so that we can send you off to get any corrections done quickly and easily.


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